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Death and Dying :iconrwern:Rwern 0 0 Magic VIII :iconrwern:Rwern 0 0 Form Over Cubic Function :iconrwern:Rwern 0 0 Colorful Characters :iconrwern:Rwern 2 3
The Hands of Time
Gears turn on with a rhythmic "tick-tock";
There are never idle hands on a clock.
Ages wax while other ages wane.
Bright stars fall while others rise to fame.
As the hour hand buries the arcane,
The minute hand shuffles shells in its game.
The hands of time can push us together.
The hands of time can pull us apart.
The hands of time will go on forever
As long as they can still shatter a heart.
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Lunatics' Discourse
Man in the Moon, reveal yourself to me!
You retreat by day and advance by night
But cosmic shadow won't dispel the light.
Show me your secrets so that I might see!
Man in the Moon, remove your ashen mask!
You put it on to hide your orange face
Long before we glanced at your from this place.
Tell me the tales of your violent past!
Man in the Moon, cosmic ballet dancer!
Twirling about in your fiery ballet
To claim the stage where you still dance today.
Finally, you've given me an answer!
Man in the Moon, at long last I can see!
Within you conceal a bounty untold--
A great wealth of treasure which may just hold
Hope for the future of humanity!
Man in the Moon, foolish was I indeed!
I wish things could be as they were before--
Your secret still safe and no endless war.
Hope was felled once more by our boundless greed!
:iconrwern:Rwern 0 0
Ice Cycles
It had been years ago.
I was seven years old.
A landscape white with snow.
I was alone and cold.
A promise from mother
To return very soon:
We embraced each other
And she set out at noon.
I sat beneath a tree
Waiting for her return.
Where she had come to be
I very soon would lean.
I set out on my own
As far as I could go.
Mother did not reach home.
She had died in the snow.
For an exit I sought
From winter's icy jaws
As I came to be taught
To know nature's strict laws.
How did this all happen?
I kiss my daughter's head.
The tale begins again
And soon we may be dead.
:iconrwern:Rwern 0 0
Threes: A Crowd :iconrwern:Rwern 1 0 Argent Aurum :iconrwern:Rwern 0 0 Chance Invader :iconrwern:Rwern 2 3
Autumn Pyre
These warm colors enrobe him now, from tangerines to sanguines.
The colors melt as does his face to reveal the sturdy lime below.
These, his bones, the skull beneath his face, were all so strong and robust.
Indeed, they had never failed him in all his days.
No, his bones were not to blame--it was his flesh wherein the frailty lived.
It was the birth of frailty and the death of the man.
The changing of the guard was ceremonious, a rite of iron and crimson.
Much as the ax felled the autumn oak, so too, must the warrior descend.
For he was just one of many in the forest raging into dead winter.
Though the world around him had yet to follow, the warrior's goal was met.
:iconrwern:Rwern 0 0
Seven 8 --Reverse-- :iconrwern:Rwern 0 0 Seven 8 :iconrwern:Rwern 1 4 The Jungles Twofold :iconrwern:Rwern 0 0 Double Cross :iconrwern:Rwern 1 0
To what are we bound?
Are we to our word?
What of our bodies?
And what of this earth?
This thing we call life...
What we make of it...
Are we cursed as you,
Is there permanence?
The indelible?
What is forever?
Can we reach all this?
But how can it be?
Can you find a place...
When you seek it out...
If you know it not?
I say not Amen!
These old sacred halls...
Hold no more answers...
Nor the tomes nor sages.
Withhold Eureka!
Probe nor theory...
Is more than a sale...
Of leftover virtue.
This air that we breathe--
Smug superior.
To crave vacuum...
Pure asphyxia.
We seek not for these:
- Raw agnosia
- Crimson red purges
- Terminus for self
We seek new searches,
Infant philosophs,
Questants of the soul,
And the lost Human.
We must now embark,
The pulpit dismount,
But know we never...
Mounted the high horse.
:iconrwern:Rwern 1 0


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